Unser Körper ist unser Garten, unser Wille ist unser Gärtner___

Zitat von William Shakespeare
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by Crispin, Toronto

Crispin @ CANADA, Toronto 1230A Yonge Street

GYROTONIC® is a unique, holistic approach to movement. Increased range of motion, greater joint stability, improved agility and athletic performance and a deep internal strength. Adapted to fit the needs of all ages and abilities, from elderly patients recovering from injury to highly skilled professional athletes. 

The GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM Method was created by Romanian-born Hungarian Juliu Horvath. Juliu Horvath was born in 1942 in Temesvar, Romania. His love for movement was apparent from the time he was a small child. During his youth he excelled at swimming, gymnastics and rowing. He began to study dance when he was 19, and by the time he was 21, was a principle dancer for the Romanian National Ballet Company. While on tour in Italy in 1970, he defected from Romania. He subsequently lived in a refugee camp in Italy for six months. After receiving political asylum in the United States, he moved to New York City.

Advanced Ballet Pilates

PILATES CORE @ Arlington VA 

Professional dancers have already reached the height of physical fitness and undertake eight or more hours a day of physical activity. They scrutinise their movements in front of a mirror and hone their bodies like athletes. So why then do they need to do pilates?

Elite dancers are drawn to pilates and ignore current fitness gimmicks. They stick with what works and what has stood the test of time.

Joseph Pilates, the German émigré who opened his pioneering Manhattan studio in 1926. There was private instruction for those in the know; ballet and modern dancers also used the technique for injury rehab and cross-training. Fast-forward to the wellness bubble of 2018, and the P-word now rolls off the tongue—along with terms like reformer (the multipurpose apparatus equipped with springs and pulleys) and 100s (the ab-torching exercise that pairs lifted legs with hummingbird-like arm flutters). 

KINESIS® - Yoga for Dancers

Initially “Yoga for Dancers” was taught at Steps on Broadway and at Juliu’s own location- White Cloud Studio. In the beginning, most of Juliu’s students were professional dancers. As demand for his classes grew, and the diversity of his clientele increased, Juliu refined Yoga for Dancers, creating a class format that almost any person could perform, regardless of age or state of health. He named this refined version of Yoga for Dancers the GYROKINESIS® Method.


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